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drew baird fitness results

Drew cuts nothing out. The method gives you that perfect balance of carbs, fat, and sugar. Before I would eat my chicken, rice, and broccoli and feel good, and then eat something bad later and be filled with self-loathing.


On this programme, I can eat goat's cheese carbonara - which I had the other evening - healthy homemade chocolate and pasta, it's all about moderation. I love myself now. I don't pick at things I hate, I eat what I enjoy


Sarah King (1)

I was getting to the point in my life where I no longer felt like me. Uncomfortable in my own skin, wearing baggy clothes to conceal a me that I was extremely unhappy with.


My advice to anyone on this program is just to stick with it. Keep going. Don't beat yourself up for a slip-up, pick up and keep going. It gets easier with time. Love yourself always, even when you don't like yourself that much, you can and will do it! Talk to others and don't be afraid to say how you are feeling. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.


Drew baird fitness results

For about 2 months the DBF program just kept popping up on my news feed. I kept putting off joining until I saw a picture of myself at my cousin's wedding.  This photo finally got me to sign up and I haven't looked back. Its been so much easier then I thought it would be.


I sleep better, my skin is clearer and I've also found an outlet for when I'm anxious or stressed. I can't thank Drew, his team and everyone else that is going through this program as well. There is so much support in this group it makes this journey so much easier. 


Jessica Rixon

Ever since I could remember I was the "Chubby kid" in school even in primary school. My parents tried to make me exercise and it helped while I kept it up but that wasn't for very long.


When I first started the Drew Braid Fitness program I was a bit skeptical thinking "oh yeah just another 'fad diet'" well that was until it started showing amazing results all because of healthier choices and a bit of exercise 5 times a week! I still can't believe that in 10 short weeks I've lost over 10kg! This truly has changed my aspect of weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices!



drew baird fitness results

 I joined up with the hope of losing weight and finding my happy self again. I am well and truly on my way to doing that. I feel happier and healthier than I have in a long time.


I have 3 young daughters and I feel now I am setting a healthy example for them and will hopefully be in a better position to help them deal with body issues when they arise. Couldn't be happier and so excited to continue on my journey!


Drew baird fitness results

When I joined up I was a 34-year-old, unhappy, anxious, mother of a beautiful 9-year-old daughter. I had many failed attempts at crash dieting in the past, nothing seemed to work for me. The larger I got, the more I hated myself. 

I am starting to LOVE my new skin and most importantly LOVE myself. I spend time with my daughter outside playing and running and enjoying her childhood, I smile and I am happy, I LOVE my life.

Once you start seeing results it will only drive you to work harder. Thank you to Drew and the team for not only my new body but my new healthy happy life, I am sure my daughter says thank you too !!!!


drew baird fitness

When I first started this program I was tipping the scales into triple digits and felt very sad and angry with myself for allowing myself to go so far, I was totally lost. I love how I have learned to make healthy choices and grown to love food for all its nutritional benefits. That I can pass onto them just how wonderful life is and how happy 


I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with learning how to proportion meals and make healthy life choices. I thank Drew Baird fitness every day for brightening my future and making me grow into a person I can now love deep inside myself and also in the mirror.


drew baird fitness results

I had to overcome food cravings which was extremely hard as all I used to eat was take away food and high carb foods, and to now be eating clean healthy wholesome foods my mood and my confidence has improved immensely, i started this journey to better myself and to be the best I can be and enjoy the journey to my goals. It hasn't been easy but it is worth it when you see results


drew baird fitness results

When I first signed up with DBF my overall health was a mess. I was on prescription pain medication for PCOS and Endometriosis, on high dosage preventative medication for 2-4 chronic migraines a week, energy levels were nonexistent and I was also on Metformin for insulin resistance because no matter what I tried, what I was eating, the weight was piling on.


I have dropped a few clothes sizes and have lost 12kgs so far, but what I have gained is what I value most. I have control of my health again, my PCOS, my Endometriosis and other chronic medical conditions that as a Mum I can't afford the time to be worrying about.


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