3 Imbalanced Hormones in PCOS

Imbalanced Hormones in PCOS

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To truly take control of your PCOS you must first understand, at its core, what's driving your symptoms. PCOS starts off as a metabolic & inflammatory issue that goes on to create hormonal imbalances.

There are many possible imbalanced hormones in PCOS but I want to look closely at 3 today but I want to look closely at 3 today.


50-70% of women with PCOS will have elevated levels of insulin due to a condition called insulin resistance. This leads to unexplained weight gain, poor energy levels, and increased hunger and cravings as the cells of your body start to starve. It also causes the ovaries to over-produce testosterone.


Androgen is the term used to describe male sex hormones. Excess androgens are one of the hallmarks of PCOS. There are a few possible causes of excess androgen production; the ovaries, adrenals, or fat tissue.

High androgens levels in the blood lead to symptoms such as acne, hair loss, hair growth, and menstrual cycle irregularities. Androgens also trigger the excess production of LH.


The ratio between LH & FSH is vitally important for a healthy & regular menstrual cycle. Some women with PCOS will have too much LH in relation to FSH.

Too high of LH at the start of the menstrual cycle means that the follicle/egg cannot mature. This means ovulation cannot happen and the chance of conceiving is incredibly low. As hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are produced via your menstrual cycle. The hormones will also now start to become imbalanced.

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