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Drew Baird Fitness

Simple, Easy & Life-Changing™

When thousands of women wanted to lose weight, here is what they did...

Every day, Women are losing weight, feeling healthier, energetic & proud of themselves with more success than ever before.
Our program is designed for real women, with real families, real careers, who have responsibilities but simply want to be healthy and happy.
With Drew Baird Fitness' Health and Fitness Coaching, you will receive a custom-made meal plan, training plan, ongoing support, encouragement & motivation - the exact same blueprint for success used by the countless success stories that the program has achieved.

With Drew Baird Fitness you will see results faster than if you paid for a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist - and you'll do it systematically and reliably.

What you'll discover on this page

  • The power of Custom Meal Plans
  • What you get with DBF
  • Lose Weight Within 30 Days Guaranteed or your money back
  • How our members actually save money while losing weight
  • How much weight many of our members lose on their first week!

Plus a whole lot more...

Drew has worked with:

Plus thousands of women from all over the world

Start Seeing Results!

Experience a change
or your money back.

I'm committed to your success and truly believe in my product. I back this up with my money back guarantee, and can't wait to help you lose weight easily!

Drew Baird
Head Trainer

Custom Meal and Exercise Plans are the "Secret Weight Loss Weapon" Being Used by Thousands of Women...

When you sign up, you will get access to the private "Drew Baird Fitness Members" Facebook group - here are some real posts from inside the group... Just imagine having access to a community of like-minded people, all working together to achieve their weightloss goals and stay motivated as a team!

A sneak peak inside our Facebook Group:

Drew and team I cannot thank you enough, because you cannot put a price on what you have taught me.

Drew you taught me how to find my "WHY" it was about finding what was driving me, what is the burning flame inside me that was driving me to be here to do this, to want to change, to be better and to grow. Once I done this, everything else just clicked into place.

Life is going to give us some really tough times, it's up to you whether you unpack and stay there or learn, grow and move forward from there

Kristy, Pyengana, TAS

The Power of
Custom Meal Plans

This is why custom plans are so powerful!

  • All plans are Custom Tailored to your body
  • We take into account your favourite foods so you get more of what you love, and will stick to your diet with ease
  • We remove foods that you dislike or are allergic to
  • We give you a new plan every two weeks to keep adapting to your results
  • Your plan uses Easy to find and Affordable Ingredients
  • We'll even update your plan for free if you don't like it! (We pride ourselves on our customer service)

After taking our Health Logic Questionnaire™ we assess exactly what you need.

We know that if you love the food on your program, you'll stick to it, and achieve your goals. So we take your likes & dislikes, and build the perfect program, tailored for you!

For example, if you love chicken, but hate broccoli, we take that into account for your plan, so you'll love your meal plan!

So what do our members think of their plans?

Start Seeing Results!

Lose weight
or your money back.

I'm committed to your success and truly believe in my product. I back this up with my money back guarantee, and can't wait to help you lose weight, Quickly & Easily!

Drew Baird
Head Trainer

Coupled with your Custom Meal Plan is an Individually Tailored Exercise Plan.

Many of our clients are very busy people, so we take the time to make a plan that you can enjoy and stick to.

Our qualified Personal Trainers put together exercises suited to your body - not just some cookie-cutter routine like other programs on the market!

Best of all, we can make your program work whether you train from the comfort of your own home, or if you want to go to the gym.

Did you know you can actually save money while losing weight?

Most of our clients actually save on their grocery bill! We use cost-effective healthy ingredients in our meals, and are the perfect program for the budget conscious

Many other programs will have you buy exotic ingredients, or prepare a meal for one when you have a whole family to feed! Well not our program - we're family friendly, and make your shopping quick and easy.

Here are what our clients say about it:

I'm so happy with how far I have made it!

I never thought I'd ever get this far, but I'm determined to push through and smash my goals.

This program has changed my life!

I'm thankful for the people who have helped and supported me over the past year and I can't wait to shove it in the faces of the people that told me numerous times I'd never lose weight!

Jess, New South Wales

Start Seeing Results!

Lose Weight in 30 Days
or your money back.

I'm committed to your success and truly believe in my product. I back this up with my money back guarantee, and can't wait to help you lose weight, Quickly & Easily!

Drew Baird
Head Trainer

Our little secret: It's all about

Motivation is the 'secret sauce' at Drew Baird Fitness. I truly believe that the community we have built is one of the most powerful features of the program.

Everything we do is built to keep you motivation, and help you to take control of your health. Here are some of the ways we help to inspire you and keep you moving towards your goals:

  • Members Only Facebook Community - Interact with hundreds of Like-minded women all working together
  • Ongoing email support from our superstar team members!
  • Education - members get access to videos and content to help you take control of your weight loss journey
  • Twice a week we have Group Coaching Calls - this is where members get to learn from Drew, and also interact and ask questions (this is a huge hit with our members)

Your Questions Answered!

Live Group Calls - Twice a week with Drew!

As you can see, our members love the calls!

Still have questions about the program?

No! Absolutely not :) The program costs AU$19.95 per week (US$15.95, £12.95), and that is all you will pay!
We update your meal plans every 2nd week; and your exercise plan once per month. If you're unhappy with a plan for whatever reason, just shoot us an email after you receive it and explain what you would like changed, and we'll update it free of charge! We want to make sure you're completely satisfied with the program - and if you're happy with your plans, you'll be much more likely to stick it out and achieve your goals!
It's impossible to say, as every body is different. We don't believe in starving yourself - we believe in long-term results, so you will keep the weight off. In saying this, many of our clients lose in excess of 1-2kg in the first week; and almost 100% of our clients see great results in their first month! This is because, if you aren't seeing results immediately, we work with you to update your plans and adjust to your body until we get a plan that works great for you.

Great question! It really comes down to the following:

  • Our plans are Custom Made, we don't just say "eat 1200 calories" like most other programs - we calculate your needs, take into account what you like/dislike, and make a plan that you can stick to
  • Our community - I genuinely believe we have one of the best weight loss communities in the world. The level of support our members give each other is truly touching, and I'm honoured to have such an amazing team
  • Our support - Our staff go above and beyond. They're truly by your side on this journey; whether it's in our Facebook Group, or responding via email, we all truly care about our members and want to see them succeed.
  • The Group Coaching - It's one thing to stick to a diet perfectly; but it's another to actually learn (and have fun while you're doing it). We empower our members with the group coaching call, helping them to make healthier decisions and lead a better lifestyle. This is great for mum's, as they end up teaching their kids healthy habits.
  • We're realistic - we know you're busy, and we build the program for that. Whether it's having leftovers for some of your lunch meals, or working out from home - we try to make the program as easy as possible to stick to and to work towards your success.
  • We're price-sensitive - most of our clients are good working class people; so we try to keep the cost of the program as cheap as we can while still being able to have outstanding support. We make sure you're saving on your grocery bill, and compared to a lot of other programs your cost per meal will be substantially lower. We also make most of your meals 'family friendly', so your family will enjoy eating the same food as you, and you only have to cook once.

Sometimes! On the group coaching calls I end up talking to a lot of our members; I also respond to a lot of emails, and even randomly call some of our clients to check in! As we've grown, I am a lot busier - so I've trained up a team of amazing staff which I'm sure you will love.

Our staff are sitting in the office with me, and I love being as hands-on as time permits.

No problem! Well you have a few options:

When I look at my before picture, I see a TOTALLY different person to the one I am today. I see an extremely SAD and withdrawn woman...

A woman who would HIDE away from the world, a woman who would CRY when she looked into the mirror.

When I started the program I didn't believe I could stick it out. I've tried a dozen times to lose weight before, but I've never been able to successfully LOSE it and KEEP it off.

Oh how things have changed...

Thanks to the Drew and the DBF community I've become the confident, outgoing and fun women that I've always KNOWN I am.

I even enjoy going to the gym now and the foods are delicious!

I'm so so PROUD of what I have achieved so far and cant thank Drew and the team enough :)

Susan, Newcastle, NSW

I truly believe I've found the 'key' to Weight Loss

Most of our members have tried countless diets; tried plenty of weight loss programs, and spent hundreds, and sometimes thousands, on other programs. I truly think I've put together the perfect combination to get you lasting results, and the success my members are having really speaks for itself.

If you'll let me, I'd love to take your hand and guide you on your weight loss journey. My staff are here ready to lay out the perfect road-map to get you to your dream weight, in a safe and reliable way.

Weight Loss doesn't have to be 'hard'. With the right motivation, and with every step custom tailored to your unique situation, I truly believe that anyone can reach their dream weight.

P.S. If you're still unsure if this program is for you, shoot me a message with your concerns, and I would love to help.

Start Seeing Results!

See results
or your money back.

I'm committed to your success and truly believe in my product. I back this up with my money back guarantee, and can't wait to help you lose weight, Quickly & Easily!

Drew Baird
Head Trainer

Information on this website is general information only, and you should consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any changes to your diet or exercise regime. Drew Baird Fitness accepts no responsibility for any actions taken due to information on this website.

Any results shown above are decided by the efforts of the individual. Please understand that you may receive different results than shown. Many of my customer success stories have put in incredible personal efforts and made huge changes to their lives to achieve their results. The average person who buys any “online weight loss” programs see little results. I’ve used the above images for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All weight loss requires consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT JOIN THE PROGRAM.

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