How To Eat For Health & Pleasure Through Menopause

It's my job to make things as simple and enjoyable as possible for my clients so I'm always looking for ways to easily break down how to get results. So, here are the fundamental aspects of achieving the perfect menopause diet for health, fitness, and pleasure because let's face it... food is life.



20 family friendly, low calorie, delicious, quick and easy recipes to help you reach your fitness goals
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1 - The first fundamental law of weight loss results is achieving a calorie deficit. This essentially means that you need to be intaking (through your diet) more calories (energy) than your body is expanding each day.

If you do this, your body is forced to turn to it's stored energy supply (body fat) to make up for this lack of energy. To do this you must know your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and then you simply just need to make sure you're eating around 200-400 calories under this.

menopause weight loss

2 - The ideal macronutrient ratio for optimal health through menopause will be;
-- 50% protein (to fuel lean muscle mass and optimal metabolic function)
-- 25% fats (energy, cell health, hormonal function, nutrient absorption)
-- 25% carbs (cellular energy).

3 - Due to the hormonal environment in which menopause creates, it's important that the carbs you eat are Low-GI, meaning they take the body longer to break down and digest. Results in stable blood sugar levels and fewer insulin spikes.

Remember that throughout menopause your metabolism becomes far more carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistant. This essentially means that you need to be far more aware of the quantity and quality of carbohydrates you consume. 

menopause weight loss diet

4 - Follow the 80/20 dieting principle that I absolutely love as it's important you still enjoy your bloody life to the max. Just ensure that 80% of your diet should be good, wholesome food that fuels your body. And the other 20% of your diet should be foods you really enjoy, carefree meals with your family (foods for your soul).

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