How to Increase Energy Levels with PCOS?

How to Increase Energy Levels with PCOS

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Making losing weight with PCOS easier with simple,m strategic tips & tricks.
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Change is hard, it's even harder when you have zero energy to do so. This is the problem facing many of my PCOS clients. They know action is necessary and they truly want change but, finding the energy to do so it's just such a challenge within itself.

There are many factors affecting someone's energy levels, everything from diet, sleep, mood, time of day, heck, even the weather can impact your energy levels. Specifically talking about low energy levels around PCOS and the culprit is your hormonal state.


IR (Insulin Resistance) is a condition where the cells of your body no longer respond to the hormone, insulin, as normal. Insulin acts as a 'key' to the cells of your body, allowing the nutrients needed by your cells so they can function healthily as normal.

When you have IR, these cell doors become 'locked', meaning nutrients cannot enter leaving your cell starving. Just like you when you go a long time without eating, you will start to lack energy, your cells react the same. This leaves you feeling lethargic, tired, and unmotivated.


Your adrenal glands produce hormones such as glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and some of the sex hormones (androgens and small amounts of estrogen). Your adrenals also produce your stress hormones; cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

Studies show women with PCOS produce more cortisol than women with PCOS. The release of cortisol triggers your body to pull nutrients from cells into the bloodstream incase you need instant energy, this is what's known as the stress response.

The problem is you are not running away from a tiger so you do not need that flux of energy in your bloodstream. Your body will then store this energy in fat cells, leading to weight gain and decreased energy levels.

If we now know the two PCOS-specific causes of low energy levels. And we also know that to truly take control of PCOS we must tackle the root causes and not the symptoms. The answer to improving your energy levels will be to;

1️⃣ Improve your insulin sensivitity
2️⃣ Reduce your cortisol levels

But, how?


Improve your insulin sensitivity
👉 Follow a low carbohydrate diet (20-30% of your overall calories to come from carbs) and ensure those carbs are low-GI
👉 Complete 3-4 resistance and HIIT workouts per week
👉 Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
👉 Supplement with inositol, NAC, and chromium.


Reduce your cortisol levels
👉 Identify, and resolve any sources of emotional stress in your life
👉 Do NOT starve yourself to try and lose weight
👉 Complete 2-3 restorative workouts per week
👉 Perform regular rest-based living habits like stretching, yoga, taking a hot bath
👉 Supplement with ashwagandha, omega-3 fish oil, and magnesium

PCOS Supplement Stack


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