From sluggish and down, to slim hot and happy

Kristy leaves us inspired with her powerful story

What inspired you to join DBF?

Well, facing workplace bullying, tired of being unfit, down and overweight I was scrolling away on Facebook when I saw an advert for DBF, with this beautiful lady holding out a newspaper with before and after shots of her transformed body. Her smile spoke to me.

I thought to myself:  "Wait, hold up, so this woman went from looking a bit like my shape, to totally toned and hot, by just paying this bloke $20 a week, and eating what he tells you to and exercise how he says too.... and at home.... no gym membership? Well then, sign me up” So I did, I signed up. I had never been able to stick to "fads and diets" before, I needed results and motivation - this program gave me that in abundance. The future looked scary, I was struggling emotionally and under pressures, so I found myself binge eating, and these comfort foods were seeing my weight increase very quickly. I had avoided taking action because it's a bit like thinking if I don't acknowledge the problem then maybe it will go away, but seeing this other ladies’ transformation, and in such a short time it ignited a spark in me. I thought hang on, I could look like that. So, when I got my personal email back from Drew and it said he calculated that I could reach my weight loss goals in under 16 weeks, I thought hey that's before my birthday, I could actually look smokin’ hot before my next birthday!! This was all the motivation I needed to really get into it.

drew baird fitness results

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What has been the biggest change you've seen on the program?

The biggest change I've seen in myself on the program is that I no longer view a splurge on chocolate a do or die situation. It is balance, one heavenly splurge on chocolate doesn’t rob me of all the hard work I'm putting in! I never would have believed before that you can have your cheat meals and sill lose weight. And NOT feel bad for it!

Drew has recently overhauled the program and it's really exciting to see all the new changes and new plans!

I've gone from having the mindset of "well I've eaten 12 freddo frogs, so there goes my whole diet. To “oh man that chocolate was good, back on track again now that's out of my system"


What is your WHY - the reason that compels you to keep moving forward?

What compels me to keep moving forward? Well, I think back to how sluggish and down I felt in my health and body and seeing what it can be like now when you feed yourself the right foods. It’s just a no brainer. You can't expect to see changes if you can't make changes yourself to get those results happening.


What's your advice to those who are dying to lose weight but aren't sure how to go about it?

If you are unhappy with where your weight and body is at, then just try this program. I have to say if you can put the effort in and even try that first seven days, you'll be on the biggest most satisfying journey for yourself.

I thought I would lose faith in this like every other fad, but I knuckled down and at the end of week one, when I weighed in and saw results, I was on the biggest high. Over the next few weeks, yes just weeks, people started to make comments like gee have you lost weight? You're looking well, I was beaming.

Bragging my heart out about DBF, I copped all sorts of comments from the Susan's like "you know those wraps have more sugar than bread" and "you shouldn't be having coffee still, aren't you on a diet" but as the weeks kept ticking by and the changes grew even more noticeable, it gave me such satisfaction in replying with yep that's right Susan, I'm on a diet that is called a lifestyle change, would you like to join up?

After just 10 weeks, I had compliments and inboxes like you wouldn't believe. Every day at work I was asked what are you doing to look so well, gee, how much weight have you lost?? Where can I sign up?

In 16 weeks, I went from 87.6kg and lots of muffin top, to a slim and toned 75 kg - a weight I still maintain today. Ask yourself this: In a few short weeks from now, do you want to look like you do right now and be unhappy? Or do you want to be excited to walk out the door and say “hey look at me” because you will have so much more energy, sleep better and look hot, but most of all you will be making the best lifestyle change ever.

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About Drew Baird:

Drew Baird is the founder and owner of Drew Baird Fitness and Healthy PCOS. He has coached over 23,200 women on his online weight programs and helped his clients lose over 256,000kgs.

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