Metformin Can Half The Risk of Early Miscarriage for Women with PCOS

I found a really interesting study that was just published from a 5-year study of 800 pregnant women with PCOS to see if metformin could improve healthy pregnancy rates. The primary outcome was the composite incidence of late miscarriage (between week 13 and week 22 and 6 days) and preterm birth (between week 23 and week 36 and 6 days).

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The study took a placebo group and a group who were given metformin daily. The metformin group were given 500mg of metformin twice daily for the first week and then 1,000 mg twice daily until delivery. They found the group who took metformin had a 50% reduction in late miscarriage and preterm birth but, no significant differences for gestational diabetes.

I've just posted this on my Instagram page and I've already had a few ladies share their experience with metformin, feel free to share your own. Remember that metformin is an insulin-sensitizing medication which helps your body better deal with the hormone insulin. The supplement inositol works very similarly.

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