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Helping Women With PCOS To Reach Their Dreams


I had to overcome food cravings which was extremely hard as all I used to eat was take away food and high carb foods, and to now be eating clean healthy wholesome foods my mood and my confidence has improved immensely, i started this journey to better myself and to be the best I can be and enjoy the journey to my goals. It hasn't been easy but it is worth it when you see results


I joined DBF hoping that this would give me the assistance I needed to finally lose some weight. Instead thanks to Drew and the team I was given the tools to build a new life. I was tired, lethargic, sick all the time and cranky. I am now full of energy, full of life and I feel amazing! 18 kgs gone forever from my life.


My advice anyone looking for a way to completely change their life to give the program a go! I did and I will never look back again!! Thank you Drew and team, you've changed my life!!


This has been one of the best journeys I’ve ever been on! Yes, to begin with, it was hard! I was completely addicted to sugar. I have learned so much about myself through this journey and have become such a stronger person mentally. It has given me the confidence to leave a toxic relationship and for once, allowing myself to be happy!


I have learned I can still enjoy the foods I love. My biggest achievement is I’m now starting to run on the treadmill, something I was once before petrified of, now makes me feel amazing! I have learned so much from this program, and am now loving life!


I have loved my journey so far. I have found my WHY and I am consistently motivated when I read this and my goals on my day to day basis. When I feel down or unmotivated I make myself read my goals and help to condition my mind. I still have a long journey ahead of me. But the two things I am most proud of are;


1.I have reached my goals of being able to fit and feel comfortable in the clothes I wear. 2. I am started to gain muscle in my body as I have been especially working on my arms.


PCOS Specific Meal & Exercise Plans, Hours Of PCOS Videos & An Incredible Community Of Women With PCOS

What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying About The PCOS Program



When I first started this program I was tipping the scales into triple digits and felt very sad and angry with myself for allowing myself to go so far, I was totally lost. I love how I have learned to make healthy choices and grown to love food for all its nutritional benefits. That I can pass onto them just how wonderful life is and how happy 

I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with learning how to proportion meals and make healthy life choices. I thank Drew Baird fitness every day for brightening my future and making me grow into a person I can now love deep inside myself and also in the mirror.


When I joined up I was a 34-year-old, unhappy, anxious, mother of a beautiful 9-year-old daughter. I had many failed attempts at crash dieting in the past, nothing seemed to work for me. The larger I got, the more I hated myself. 

I am starting to LOVE my new skin and most importantly LOVE myself. I spend time with my daughter outside playing and running and enjoying her childhood, I smile and I am happy, I LOVE my life.

Once you start seeing results it will only drive you to work harder. Thank you to Drew and the team for not only my new body but my new healthy happy life, I am sure my daughter says thank you too !!!!

drew baird fitness pcos


When I first signed up with DBF my overall health was a mess. I was on prescription pain medication for PCOS and Endometriosis, on high dosage preventative medication for 2-4 chronic migraines a week, energy levels were nonexistent and I was also on Metformin for insulin resistance because no matter what I tried, what I was eating, the weight was piling on.

I have dropped a few clothes sizes and have lost 12kgs so far, but what I have gained is what I value most. I have control of my health again, my PCOS, my Endometriosis and other chronic medical conditions that as a Mum I can't afford the time to be worrying about.

I now have more energy to spend time as a wife, a mum and even some days a little energy left over for a little me time, a time I haven't had for a few years.

A Weight Loss Program Made For Women With PCOS

The Results Speak For Themselves

drew baird fitness pcos
drew baird fitness pcos
drew baird fitness pcos
drew baird fitness pcos
drew baird fitness pcos

Join The PCOS Program Today And Start Losing Weight

Gold Membership

$9.95 / week (First Week Is $1)
  • The first week is just $1
  • Weekly meal & exercise plans
  • Amazingly supportive online community
  • Weekly coaching calls & sessions
  • New workouts every week
  • Huge PCOS video library

Super Savings Membership

$299 / yearly
  • Only 82c per day!
  • Save $218 for the year!
  • Amazingly supportive online community
  • Weekly meal & exercise plans
  • Weekly coaching calls & sessions
  • Huge PCOS video library

The Only Weight Loss Program Created Specifically For Women With PCOS

It's why our clients have been so successful in losing weight, regulating their cycles, reducing their acne, hair loss, hair growth, conceiving naturally, and taking control of their body.


  • PCOS Specific

    All our meal plans are designed specifically for PCOS. Allowing you to balance your hormones and increase your energy levels through your diet.

  • Family Friendly

    All of our meal plans are family friendly so you won't need to cook separate meals for yourself and the rest of the family.

  • Budget Friendly

    All the meal plans have been designed to keep your shopping bill as low as possible.


  • PCOS Specific

    Our exercise plans are based around the 3 most effective forms of exercise for PCOS - Resistance, HIIT, and Restorative.

  • Home Or Gym

    Each week you'll get new workouts to complete either at home, in a home gym or at the gym. The choice is all yours.

  • Fast And Effective

    Every workout is created to ensure you get the best results possible in the shortest time so you're not spending hours doing boring exercise


  • PCOS Learning

    Truly understand how PCOS is affecting your body by watching the videos in the large video library you get 24/7 access to.

  • Coaches & Mentors

    You get weekly coaching videos, coaching calls, and you can talk to our coaches and mentors every day in our private Facebook group.


    Surround yourself with other women with PCOS who know exactly what you're going through when you just need someone to listen. 

We've Helped Thousands Of Women With PCOS To Change Their Life.


Ever since I could remember I was the "Chubby kid" in school even in primary school. My parents tried to make me exercise and it helped while I kept it up but that wasn't for very long.


When I first started the Drew Braid Fitness program I was a bit skeptical thinking "oh yeah just another 'fad diet'" well that was until it started showing amazing results all because of healthier choices and a bit of exercise 5 times a week! I still can't believe that in 10 short weeks I've lost over 10kg! This truly has changed my aspect of weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices!


Starting the program has changed the way I look at food and the way I see myself. I no longer only look for scale movement but take heart in the everyday good feeling of eating better and making excellent choices.


In 8 weeks I have lost over 11 kilos and feel wonderful. Work is even easier now! Organisation is the key. Don't get too hung up and panic if you have a slip-up- this program doesn't make you feel like a failure and encouragement from the other members has been a huge boost and inspiration for me. Here's to the next 11 kilos being gone.


I started my journey to be a happier healthy me..When I started I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, I had lost all of my confidence and I was extremely unhappy within myself. 9 weeks after joining I am 10kg lighter.. but most importantly I am so much happier.


This is by far the best thing I have done for myself 🙂 I'll be forever grateful to Drew for this amazing life changing program!