Sex! Sex is a good form of exercise, yes?

Walking with Judah and Estelle along the water at Port Macquarie yesterday, we ran into an incredibly nice, older Italian gentleman walking his cute little brown pomeranian. We got to chatting and after telling him what I do for a crust (Australian term for what you do for a job), he asked “Sex! Sex is a good form of exercise, yes?”.



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After initially giggling at his statement/question I quickly realized he was being serious so, I replied: “well, on average you will burn 100 calories an hour during sex so, maybe, if you could go for a few hours then it would be a decent workout”.


“Perfect, I take these little blue pills that my son got me. They help me”. Once again I started laughing because I just found the whole situation funny. We literally met this man 2 minutes ago and we’re in deep conversation about his sex life. Now, he was super nice and it didn’t come across creepy at all but, why does this always happen to me?


15 minutes before this I struck up a conversation with one of the mums at the park where Judah was going around to all the other kids and roaring like a lion (he watches a lot of lion videos on Youtube at the moment” when she noticed Estelle was pregnant. The conversation quickly went to how she didn’t have sex for 8 months after her last child out of doing even more “damage” down there (her words not mine).


Anyhoo, back to the whole “is sex a good form of exercise”. Well, I don’t really track how many calories my clients burn during a workout as it’s more important their overall caloric balance but, 100 calories an hour isn’t anything special is it?


Now, of course, you could go beyond that if you were just super in the mood and going for it but, who wouldn’t get tired after 10 minutes of high-intensity hanky panky?. Plus, (99.9% of people reading this will be female), whose partner lasts for hours at a time?. Let’s get super personal here… I never have in my entire life lol, maybe I need one of those little blue pills?


So, look, if you’re looking for a super great workout then no, sex probably isn’t your best bet.

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Drew cuts nothing out. The method gives you that perfect balance of carbs, fat, and sugar. Before I would eat my chicken, rice, and broccoli and feel good, and then eat something bad later and be filled with self-loathing.

On this programme, I can eat goat's cheese carbonara - which I had the other evening - healthy homemade chocolate and pasta, it's all about moderation. I love myself now. I don't pick at things I hate, I eat what I enjoy


My advice to anyone on this program is just to stick with it. Keep going. Don't beat yourself up for a slip-up, pick up and keep going. It gets easier with time. Love yourself always, even when you don't like yourself that much, you can and will do it! Talk to others and don't be afraid to say how you are feeling. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.


For about 2 months the DBF program just kept popping up on my news feed. I kept putting off joining until I saw a picture of myself at my cousin's wedding.  This photo finally got me to sign up and I haven't looked back. Its been so much easier then I thought it would be.

I sleep better, my skin is clearer and I've also found an outlet for when I'm anxious or stressed. I can't thank Drew, his team and everyone else that is going through this program as well. There is so much support in this group it makes this journey so much easier. 


The great thing is my perception of myself has now changed dramatically. I no longer look at myself with self-loathing when I try on clothes. What was once a chore is now something I really enjoy. I have more confidence to go out and mix with other people and the DBF way has just become a part of my lifestyle now.

For anyone who is doubting themselves I say keep going, what have you got to lose apart from all the things you don't like? What have you got to gain? Everything that you always wanted to be! Just go for it, like me, you will be so glad you did!


My whole way of thinking about food has changed and I now make healthier choices without even realizing it and this is the first time on a diet that I have actually changed my way of thinking. I still have my cheat meal every Saturday night and that will continue as this is my new way of eating.


Thank you, Drew and all the team for everything you have done for me on my journey, if it wasn’t for your guidance, support and those coaching calls I don’t think I would have done it.


I am enjoying this journey immensely.Yes, there are hard days, but my achievements are so rewarding. I was an emotional eater, now I’m boosting with energy, feel great in everything I wear and my confidence has got me feeling amazing. No negativity is going to sabotage my journey. I have turned 51 and health wise I was having all sorts of issues. So can’t thank you all enough for teaching me what I know now.


The thing I find best about this program is that is isn't all about losing weight its a whole lifestyle change! Mind, body, and soul.


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Drew Baird is the founder and owner of Drew Baird Fitness and Healthy PCOS. Drew has worked with over 23,800 clients on his online weight loss programs and helped his clients lose over 263,000kgs. He's known for his realistic, no bullshit approach to getting results.


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