I Would Rather Be...

Listening to the voice of my Doctor, telling me I’ve fallen pregnant
Looking into the mirror and finally seeing amazing weight loss results
Working out at home or in the gym, full of energy and confidence
Feeling comfortable in my own skin, having relieved all of my PCOS symptoms
All of the above - I’m ready for a complete life-change! (Only select this if you’re serious)


What Appeals To Me The Most Is...

Regulating my periods and improving my chances of fertility - my ability to fall pregnant
Being full of energy with the ability to lose fat successfully
Reducing my acne, improving my skin, reducing cravings & balancing blood sugar levels
Consistent weight loss by reducing my insulin resistance
Relieving all of my PCOS symptoms and increasing my energy levels and fat burning ability


What Frustrates Me Most Is...

Having such a tough time trying to fall pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy
Feeling tired, exhausted, and unmotivated all the time - especially at times I need it most
Not having control over my PCOS symptoms - tiredness, acne, sugar cravings and excess or thinning hair
Not seeing any significant weight loss despite trying my absolute best
All of the above! (Remember: only select this if you’re seriously frustrated with it all)


For Supplements That Will Actually Help Me Reach My Goals, I'm Happy To Spend...

Money is tight right now so the least amount possible
Somewhere in the middle
A little bit more to save money in the long term


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