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Will My PCOS Ever Go Away

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PCOS is the most common endocrine (hormonal) condition among females in the world. It’s a condition that deeply affects around 150 million women worldwide. It’s a condition that can have an immense impact on your physical and emotional well being. It’s also the leading cause of infertility for women.

The first issue is that it is a medical diagnosis, but there’s no surgery to ‘fix’ it. Some women think that having a hysterectomy may solve PCOS? Nope, because it doesn’t start in your ovaries. Others think menopause may finally relieve you, unfortunately, no, because it affects your menstrual cycle, it’s not triggered by it.

Even now, 85 years after the first cases of PCOS were diagnosed, there’s no specific medication, not one. Metformin is primarily used to control blood glucose (sugar) levels in people who have type 2 diabetes. Spironolactone is actually used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. This is the main reason why many doctors aren’t too great at providing the care you need.

There’s no surgery to fix it
There's no medication to fix it
Menopause doesn’t stop it

In terms of the root causes of PCOS, well, we know there’s generally a genetic disposition, but not always. We know that lifestyle factors and obesity play a role, but not always. As common as it is, there’s simply way more we don’t know than we do.

What we do know is this; the absolute best way to manage it is through lifestyle. This is because through your lifestyle behaviours you can take the most control over the two real underlying triggering factors; Metabolic and inflammation.

Many doctors give simple advice like ‘go lose weight’ as if that will solve every aspect. And look, in some rare and lucky cases, it probably will depend on that individual, her metabolic makeup, her specific kind of it and it’s severity.

But, for close to 100% of other women with PCOS, a holistic and PCOS-specific approach to her entire lifestyle is needed. Why is this the case? Because to truly resolve the underlying issues (Metabolic and inflammation), it’s going to take more than simply losing a few pounds of extra body fat.

The PCOS-specific lifestyle factors I’m talking about are;
 Regular exercise
 Quality sleep
 Stress management
 Being smart with your supplementation

By approaching it using the above framework you can take control of your PCOS. Now, to answer the original question of this post; Will PCOS ever go away? No, it won’t. This is something you will always live with.

This is why I’m always talking about enjoyment and sustainability in your approach. If you enjoy doing what you have to do, day in day out, this will make what you’re doing sustainable. It becomes part of your life. When it becomes part of your life, coming to terms with the fact that it is here to stay becomes far less daunting.

In 2019, there’s no fix to PCOS but, there is a way to take control of it the best way you can.

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